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  • Robust Flavors for All Palates: Sourced from the South of Minas, our special house blend ground coffee are among the most popular beans in the world. Brazil's mountain environments grow coffee with sweet, robust flavors while reducing bitterness.
  • Delighting All Your Senses: A medium roast ground coffee is the ideal middle ground between light and dark. Dried fruit aromas, chestnut and almond notes, and a rich, deep flavor contribute to an unparalleled coffee experience for every morning.
  • More Of What You Love: Our ground coffee medium roast is naturally processed, allowing the full quality of our work to shine. With each bean picked with the coffee cherry intact, you're invited to a profound flavor experience with each cup.
  • Exotic Mouthfeel Experiences: How your coffee feels is just as important as it tastes. With authentic Brazilian coffee, our full body texture is creamy, rich, and perfectly designed to balance strong flavors with a round, pleasant sensation.
  • Jump Start Your Day: You won't always have the luxury of waiting minutes for your coffee. With fine ground coffee, your morning cup can be ready quickly to meet your time table, helping coffee lovers get their fix without sacrificing taste.

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