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Banana Creamy Candy Bars Paraibuna Traditional 0.44 LB

Paraibuna Creamy Banana Candy is made with only natural ingredients. It is a delicious and healthy alternative to traditional sugary candies.
Authentic Taste: Experience the authentic taste of Brazil with Bananinha Paraibuna. It is made only with bananas in its composition, providing a delightful and refreshing experience.
Benefits: The no-added sugars version is low-calorie, gluten-free, and has high potassium levels from bananas, which help prevent cramps while active.
Preservative-Free: Unlike many other candies, Bananinha Paraibuna is preservative-free. It is made with natural ingredients and contains no artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives.
Vegan-Friendly: Bananinha Paraibuna is a vegan-friendly candy. It is free from animal-derived ingredient

Enjoy the authentic taste of history with Bananinha Paraibuna without Sugar—a pioneering, classic, and preservative-free choice. With only banana in its composition, this delicacy wins hearts and is appreciated by vegans, athletes, and everyone looking for a unique experience.

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