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Soccer Ball Mix Holder 12.8 Fl Oz Plasutil | Box For Snacks And Sweets | Can Be Used In Decoration And Parties | BPA Free 5237

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Soccer Ball Mix Holder 12.8 Fl Oz

Made from polypropylene (PP).
Non-toxic and bisphenol-A free (BPA FREE)
Dimensions: (Length x Width x Height): 12,6x11,8x11,2 cm

Our half football holder is ideal for making your party more fun.
In it, you can place sweets, gifts and toys that will update the surprise bag definitions.
And the best part: the ball can be used later to store fruit or snacks! It's super functional!

is an industry and commerce of plastic products that offer a variety of items for household use, organization, and personal care.

Founded in 1986, Plasútil is the largest plastic transformer for household utilities in Brazil.

Plasútil offers a wide variety of plastic products designed for everyday use in homes, kitchens, bathrooms, and more.

Their product categories include:

Pots and Containers: These are essential for storing food and other items.
Kitchen Utensils: Practical tools for cooking and food preparation.
Bathroom and Laundry Solutions: Products for organizing and maintaining hygiene.
Organizers: Items that simplify daily life by keeping things tidy and accessible

They have created the Essential Mix, which combines essential home and store products. This includes containers, food storage, tableware, bath items, laundry, and organization.

Plasútil believes in conscious consumption as an important part of caring for nature. They also carry out social actions to positively contribute to society.

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