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Savia Aloe Vera Drink 1.5L

  • Aloe vera juice contains vitamin C & lots of helpful antioxidants. This flavorful beverage allows you to reap the amazing benefits of aloe vera while you refresh yourself. This delicious drink contains real aloe vera pulp!
  • Deliciously natural—all the herbal flavor of aloe vera, without the bitterness. This beverage is designed to quench your thirst & keep you going all day! You will taste the quality with each sip you take.
  • Made with REAL Aloe, a healthier alternative to aloe powder found in most brands. Our delicious beverages will give you the hydrating power you need to combat your thirst!
  • Aloe vera is known for its many health benefits. Drinking aloe juice is an amazing way to support immunity, helping give your day a boost by promoting natural energy & hydration throughout the day.
  • Top-quality, great tasting beverages around the globe so you can feel good about what's in your bottle.

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