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Mistura para Bolo Caseiro Dona Benta Sabores Diversos 450G

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Style: Corn Meal (Fubá)
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Dona Benta Homemade Cake Mix Various Flavors 0.99 oz

  • Recommended use: Preparing cakes for all occasions such as: breakfast, afternoon, snacks, school lunches, desserts, special occasions such as birthdays and others.
  • How to store the product: Store in a dry, cool and ventilated place. It must not be wet during handling, transport and storage.
  • Great Flavors of cake: Orange, Corn meal, Carrot Cake.
  • The presentation was impeccable, everything was very careful, neat, delicate and beautiful... The flavor is unmatched, it is truly surreal and delicious.
  • Imported from Brazil.

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