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Sardinha em Óleo Comestível Coqueiro 125G

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Coqueiro Sardines in Vegetale Oil 4.40oz

  • It is practical, tasty, and healthy, ready to be served with an “easy-open” lid, ensuring the product is more practical.
  • Rich in omega 3, high-quality protein, and vitamin D, Coqueiro sardines have no preservatives, and their production undergoes a rigorous quality system.
  • One serving contains 14 g of clean protein, 36 mg of EPA, 516mg of DHA, Omega 3s, and 61% of your daily value of vitamin D.
  • Sardines Coqueiro is ready to be used in a wide variety of recipes. Try on sandwiches, in salads, or in fresh pasta dishes!
  • Coqueiro uses sustainable and selective harvesting methods to catch the sardines. Product imported from Brazil.

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