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Nestlé Moça Sweetened Condensed Milk 14 oz

A classic that has sweetened our lives since 1921! The Nestlé Moça Sweetened Condensed Milk is so traditional and well-known in the market that it has become synonymous with condensed milk. This product is obtained through milk condensation, resulting in a smooth texture without the addition of starch. You can even freeze it without worry, as it won’t dry out or crystallize.


If you’re looking for the canned version, the 14 oz size is perfect for your needs. Use it to create classic desserts like brigadeiros, puddings, and cakes. And don’t forget, you can also enjoy Nestlé Moça Condensed Milk straight from the can!

Besides being an essential ingredient in many desserts, Nestlé Moça Sweetened Condensed Milk has a rich and flavorful history.

  • Origin: Introduced in 1921, it quickly became a hit. Its creamy texture and sweetness made it indispensable in countless recipes.
  • Manufacturing Process: Condensed milk is obtained by condensing milk, removing water, and adding sugar. The result is a thick, sweet consistency perfect for desserts.
  • Classic Recipes: Iconic Brazilian desserts like brigadeiro rely on Nestlé Moça Condensed Milk. It’s also used in puddings, cakes, mousses, and more.
  • Available Versions: You’ll find Nestlé Moça Sweetened Condensed Milk in various sizes and formats. The 14 oz can is ideal for home use, while the larger 5,73 lb  can is common in commercial establishments and large-scale recipes.
  • Fun Fact: The name “MOÇA” was inspired by a Nestlé employee known for her kindness and warmth.

If you’re planning to whip up a delicious dessert, Nestlé Moça Sweetened Condensed Milk is a classic and foolproof choice. Enjoy and sweeten your life! 

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