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Bombom Sonho De Valsa 1kg + Ouro Branco 1Kg - Brazilian Corner Lacta Bundle

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Bonbon Sonho De Valsa 2.2lb + Ouro Branco 2.2lb Brazilian Corner Lacta Bundle [2 PACK] | Bombom Sonho De Valsa 1kg + Ouro Branco 1Kg |

Chocolate Wafer Balls with Crunchy Cream Imported from Brazil.
The irresistible Sonho de Valsa is a combination of a creamy peanut and cashew nut filling, with a wafer crunch and a delicious chocolate-flavored topping.
Ouro Branco is a hit with an irresistible flavor, thanks to its crunchy filling and white chocolate flavored coating.

Here at Brazilian Corner you can combine these two wonders in a single order.

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