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Mendorato is made with a selection of whole peanuts with a generous soy sauce in their seasoning. It has incomparable quality and flavor. It is a market leader and wins over new, loyal customers daily. That is why Mendorato is the true Brazilian passion.

Ingredients: peanuts, wheat flour fortified with iron and folic acid, sugar, refined salt, soy sauce, cornstarch, and monosodium glutamate flavor enhancer. Contains Glúten. Product exempt from health registration according to RDC Resolution No. 27/2010 ANVISA.

Store in a dry and well-ventilated area.

Nutrition Facts:

25g Serving (1/2 teacup)

Amount per Serving % DV (*)
Energy Values 121 kcal = 504 kJ 6
Carbohydrates 11 g 4
Proteins 4,2 g 6
Total Fats 7,4 g 14
Saturated Fats 1,0 g 5
Trans Fats 0 g **
Alimentary Fibre 1,4 g 6
Sodium 240 mg 10

* % Daily Values (DV) based on a 2000 kcal or 8400 kJ diet. Your daily values may vary depending on your energy requirements. ** DV Not Established

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