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Upper Organic Açai

This antioxidant-packed acai frozen sorbet is a delicious way to enjoy the legendary Brazilian superfruit. Made with only the finest organic acai berries, this gluten-free sorbet contains a substantial amount of fiber as well as healthy unsaturated fats. With its dark purple color and flavor somewhere between chocolate and wild berries, it adds a nutritious twist to smoothies, shakes and desserts. Being naturally sourced and non-GMO verified makes it a guilt-free treat. In addition to its immune-supporting properties, acai is also rich in omega-9 fatty acids and antioxidants that can help strengthen your body's defenses. Scoop out a portion of this vibrant sorbet and experience the taste and benefits of this superfruit from the Amazon rainforest.

THE LEGENDARY SUPERFRUIT: Made with 100% organic acai berries from Brazil, known for their antioxidant and fiber rich properties.

ALL-NATURAL INGREDIENTS: Gluten-free and vegan friendly with no added sugars, just the pure frozen sorbet made from acai berries.

UNIQUE FLAVOR PROFILE: With a taste somewhere between chocolate and wild berries, it adds a pop of nutrition and flavor to smoothies, shakes, desserts and more.

IMMUNE SUPPORTING PROPERTIES: High in antioxidants that support immune function and contains fatty acids that benefit overall wellness.


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