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Olla Brazilian Grilling Cheese - Brazilian Curd Cheese 11.99 oz.


Queijo de Coalho, also known as Brazilian Curd Cheese, hails from the northeastern regions of Brazil. Here are some key points about this unique cheese:

  1. Texture and Flavor:

    • It has a firm, yet elastic texture.
    • The cheese is slightly yellow in color.
    • Its flavor is mild, a bit salty, and slightly acidic.
  2. Grilling Magic:

    • Queijo de Coalho is specially crafted to withstand high temperatures without melting easily.
    • When grilled, it develops a beautifully browned and crisped exterior while maintaining a near-molten interior.
    • Imagine a golden surface with a lightly salty and tangy flavor—utterly irresistible!
  3. Serving Style:

    • In Brazil, it’s often sold on sticks for roasting, much like kebabs.
    • You’ll find it as preassembled cheese skewers in Brazilian markets or occasionally online.
    • If you can’t find the authentic Queijo de Coalho, you can improvise using more commonly available cheeses like halloumi or bread cheese.
  4. Flavor Enhancements:

    • Once grilled, you can dress these cheese skewers with various toppings:
      • Sprinkle dried oregano for an herbal kick.
      • Drizzle extra-virgin olive oil mixed with finely minced garlic.
      • Try them with aioli or a similar Brazilian sauce called “molho de alho.”

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